Kiosk Adventures!

November 16, 2015

After 20 years of buying Hess Toy Trucks at gas stations for their kids, Richard and Mary Simon weren’t about to end their tradition just because the Hess gas station near their East Brunswick, NJ, home closed recently. So when their daughter told them about a new way to shop in-person for their beloved toy, by going to one of 10 kiosks at malls in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, they knew they’d found an easy way to keep up their decades-long tradition. The Simons went to the kiosk at Woodbridge Center mall on Friday where they bought two trucks, one for their 40-year-old daughter and one for their 38-year-old son, which they will give to them on Thanksgiving as they have done for the past couple of decades.

The Simons were just two of hundreds of shoppers who visited the nearest kiosk to them since they opened Thursday morning. Bill and Simon M., a grandfather and his grandson, came from Indiana to visit Simon’s great-grandmother in New York. As excited as Simon was to see the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, seeing the Hess Toy Truck kiosk at Willowbrook Mall, NJ was on the top of his list! Bill started the tradition with his son but now it’s become a holiday pastime with his grandchildren.

Grandson & Grandfather

Edward Milano has been getting Hess Toy Trucks since the very first one in 1964. This year, the Woodbridge local bought his toy truck from Woodbridge Center and said, “I hope there’s a Silver Edition in there. That would be great, right?”

We at Hess loved that so many fans came to join us the first few days of the kiosks and got to experience this new way to buy the Hess Toy Truck. There were even lines at some kiosks as early as 8 a.m.!

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Here are a few of our favorites that we’ve seen on social media this far:

Michael Meyer: 10:15am Broadway Mall, Hicksville, NY

Michael Meyer Jr

Mark Guisti‎: Good job Hess. I had a great time at the Willow Grove Mall, Talked with people about their Hess truck collections. Is this going to be a yearly thing? I hope so. Brings back memories of my parents and me in line getting one many, many years ago. Thanks for the memories!!!!!!!!!!!

Alan Winninger:  What an awesome way to hold your collection J

Fran Leitmeyer Friel: Standing here in Cherry Hill Mall with about 75 in front of me!!

Keisha Dent: At Woodbridge Mall in NJ.

Keisha Dent pic

John Howard: Waiting in line yesterday at the Willow Brook mall brought back many memories of waiting on line to buy a toy truck at a Hess service station. The line was buzzing with excitement and everyone was talking about this years truck. Long Live Hess!

John Howard

Jamie Savoy: My 6 yr old son and I saw the two men setting up the kiosk in the Paramus Park mall and he was super excited watching them and asking them all kinds of questions about the display truck. They were super nice and answered all his questions, even turned the lights on and off for him and opened the cab doors so he could see inside. Kuddos to those two men taking the time to talk to my son! He’s very excited for Santa to bring him his red Hess truck this year. It’d be awesome to find a silver one too!!