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Hess Toy Truck is one of the best-selling, most trusted, and longest running toy brands in America. Renown since 1964 for high quality toys that promote safe, fun, and imaginative play, the Hess Toy Truck has become woven into the fabric of millions of families as a cherished, multi-generational holiday tradition and highly sought-after annual collectible.

Unique designs and unmatched craftsmanship deliver amazingly detailed toys of the highest quality, guaranteed to last, and delight the owner, and often, future generations, for years to come. The newest toys remain highly secretive ahead of their reveal as legions of fans excitedly wait in eager anticipation for each annual holiday release.

And with each new model, as the annual iconic Hess advertising jingle promises, the Hess Toy Truck is “better than ever!” Not just a simple slogan, it is a mission statement, driving an ever-present focus on offering awe-inspiring toys year after year. The ‘fleet’ has expanded impressively throughout the years, incorporating an innovative array of different type vehicles with dazzling lights and realistic sounds, some with motorized movement and multi-vehicle sets. The newest toy line from Hess is the safe-for-all-ages, award-winning, ‘My Plush Hess Truck’ series, specially designed for the youngest children. A National Toy Hall of Fame finalist, the Hess Toy Truck is more than just a toy; it's a piece of American history and a treasured collectible, with older Hess items regularly fetching thousands of dollars among collector groups and showcased on historic toy and collectible television features.

Hess Toy Truck has been the exclusive manufacturer and direct-to-consumer retailer of its products throughout its 60-year history, guaranteeing product integrity and value, while delivering on a long-standing commitment to provide customers with exceptional service and an outstanding shopping experience.

As an affiliate marketing partner, you will have the opportunity to promote one of the most beloved and iconic toy brands in America. Hess Toy Truck is excited to offer you the opportunity to share in the nearly 60-year tradition by promoting its exclusive selection of high-quality Hess Toy Trucks.

Hess Toy Truck offers a generous commission structure and a range of marketing materials to make it easy for you promote its products to your audience. By partnering with Hess Toy Truck as an affiliate marketing partner, you will have exclusive access to unmatched pricing and dedicated support from its affiliate marketing team.

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