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Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

Committed to helping prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow, HESS STEM engages them in practical experiences that demonstrate how these concepts apply in the real world.

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Hess Corporation and Baylor College of Medicine have partnered in a STEM Educational Outreach program. The program offers FREE learning kits which include Hess Toy Trucks along with a STEM Curriculum that demonstrates how the toys can be used as learning tools by teachers nationwide.

We're Giving Away 1,000 STEM Kits to Teachers!

The application period has ended and all submissions are currently being reviewed. Up to 1,000 recipients will be selected in January and STEM Kits will be delivered in February 2024. Applicants will be notified via email to the email address included in the submission, whether selected for a kit or not.


REMINDER: A STEM Kit will include (12) 2023 Hess Toy Trucks to be used with the free downloadable 2023 Hess Toy Truck STEM curriculum guide.


You can still download all curriculum guides for free at the links below, and use any toy trucks you have on hand.




All Hess Toy Truck STEM curriculum guides are available for free download, and you can use any similar toy trucks you have on hand. Download the curriculum guides below.

2023 Hess Guide

2023 Curriculum

This 8-actvity guide demonstrate the concepts of force and motion that Police Officers encounter while on the job in their patrol vehicles.

2022 Hess Guide

2022 Curriculum

This 7-activity guide explores the principals of speed, velocity, inertia, and friction related to driving, racing, and track design, incorporating vehicle design and decoration.



hess guide 2021

2021 Curriculum

The 2021 STEM activities explore the science of flying and how key forces contribute to the motion that enables flight.

2020 stem curriculum guide

2020 Curriculum

This 7-activity guide demonstrates applied math and science principles that Emergency Responders experience daily.



2019 stem curriculum guide

2019 Curriculum

This year's guide explores practical transportation issues such as fuel efficiency, force and motion, levers, and road surfaces as they relate to tow trucks.

2018 Curriculum

2018 Curriculum

Activities in this guide explore practical transportation issues, such as fuel efficiency, potential and kinetic energy for producing motion, and motorsports.



2017 Curriculum

2017 Curriculum

To prepare for the jobs of tomorrow, students must learn STEM concepts and engage in practical experiences that demonstrate how these concepts apply in the real world.

2016 Curriculum

2016 Curriculum

Each activity explores different aspects of simple and compound machines. Teachers are provided with an explanation of mechanical advantage.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I buy a Hess Toy Truck?
A: When an item is available for sale, you will be able to order it exclusively online here, at HessToyTruck.com. The toys are limited release, highly valued, collectibles that sell out each year, so when a new item goes on sale you should plan to purchase quickly while supplies last. To stay up to date on all Hess Toy Truck announcements, sign up for email alerts below or text HESS to 437788 to sign up for mobile alerts (standard text message and data rates may apply).
Q: What is Hess STEM?
A: A program designed to help students learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics using the iconic Hess Toy Truck as a learning tool.
Q: Who designed the curriculum and how do we know it is educational?
A: The curriculum guide was designed by Baylor College of Medicine Center for Educational Outreach as part of its broader goal to improve science, teaching, and learning. Details can be found here.
Q: How much are the STEM Kits?
A: The STEM Kits that we grant to qualifying and selected teachers are provided as a donation to the school. You cannot purchase a STEM Kit.
Q: I didn't get to apply for a kit last year, how can I still participate?
A: You can download all curriculum guides for free at the links above and use any toy trucks you have on hand.
Q: I am not a teacher at a school, can I still apply?
A: STEM Kits will be awarded to educators teaching in verifiable school locations only. If you are interested in the curriculum guide for Scouting, library, before/after-school programs, homeschool, or similar organizations, you can still download the guides for free and use any toy trucks you have on hand.
Q: I am not sure what Tax ID number to provide. Is there a difference between Federal and State Tax IDs or EIN numbers?
A: When it comes to ID numbers, things can sometimes get confusing. In order to apply for a STEM kit, you will need your institution's Federal Tax ID number. A federal ID number is basically the same as an employer ID number; it’s a unique set of nine digits (formatted xx-xxxxxxx) that verifiably defines your business as a entity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) within the United States of America. Your school has a federal ID number in order to conduct tax-related tasks, so make sure you get that proper number from them. Don’t make the mistake of submitting your employer’s state tax ID (which can have various formats depending on the state) or EIN number which is typically used for federal tax exempt status.
Q: What grade level is the curriculum designed for?
A: It is designed for grades 4-6 but it can be adjusted for other grade levels. It works best for grades 3-8.
Q: Can I still request a free kit or a free Hess Toy Truck for personal use or fundraising purposes?
A: While we get many requests for product or financial gifts, Hess has a specific donation and gifting plan which we stick to.