Hess RV with ATV and Motorbike On Sale Now!

Hess RV with ATV and Motorbike On Sale Now!

Nov 1st 2018

NEW YORK, November 1, 2018 - The 2018 Hess RV with ATV and Motorbike is now available for purchase exclusively at www.hesstoytruck.com for $33.99 with free standard shipping and 8 Energizer® batteries included.

The sleek and modern RV, loaded with 60 LED lights, comes equipped with three ramp doors that fold down for access to the ATV and Motorbike inside. The oversized ATV and touring-style Motorbike are both designed with wheelie popping racing motors. The 3-in-1 toy features green and chrome accents with a total of 73 brilliant lights, the most ever on a holiday Hess Toy Truck.

Hess also has made available for free download a new science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum with 8 lessons featuring the 2018 Hess Toy Truck. The curriculum can be used by teachers and parents as a learning tool to help teach core STEM concepts.

The Hess Toy Truck, offered exclusively online at www.hesstoytruck.com, remains a highly sought-after collectible and treasured holiday tradition that has been shared among families for generations. To stay up to date, sign up for alerts at www.hesstoytruck.com and follow Hess Toy Truck on Facebook and Instagram. For more information on Hess STEM, visit www.hesstoytruck.com/stem.