1996 Hess Toy Truck Glasses - Collector's Series

$000Plus Tax

A unique promotion in the summer of 1996 was designed to reward loyal Hess gas station customers.  A set of four tumbler glasses were created, each with a unique color toy truck graphic.  Every three weeks during the summer a different glass became available for purchase for just $0.99, but only to customers who had filled up their tank with at least 8 gallons of gasoline.  A complete set includes depictions of the 1982 First Hess Truck, 1984 Hess Tanker Truck, 1986 Hess Fire Truck Bank, and 1992 Hess Trailer and Racer.  A cunning collector will note that the glass featuring the 1992 used a different name from the original 18 Wheeler and Racer name used on the actual Hess Toy.