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2017 Dump Truck and Loader

The 2017 Hess Dump Truck and Loader is a powerful partnership of heavy-duty earth movers. With over 30 brilliant LED lights plus realistic sounds, this oversized dump truck and 2-way motorized, track-driven loader are a versatile team, ready to tackle the toughest jobs!


Feature 1

The cab houses 5 top-mounted buttons that activate:

  • 3 sounds: ignition, horn and backup
  • Flashing brilliant LED lights
  • Hydraulic lift pistons and associated sound, raising the bed into the dumping position

Feature 2

The self-propelled, multi-direction powered Loader has a 270° rotating cab with an extending excavator arm and bucket combination that can bend and swivel in just about any direction.

Feature 3

2 top-mounted switches activate the lights and the motorized tracks in either forward or reverse direction.