2008 Hess Toy Truck and Front End Loader

A tough two-in-one toy that's ready to handle the heavy work!


Feature 1

A sound enhanced hydraulic arm lifts a see-through payload revealing a rugged front end loader, and its tailgate doubles as a ramp.

Feature 2

The front end loader features 18 working lights, a working motor for forward and reverse motion (a first for any Hess vehicle), and a moveable bucket arm with working shovel.

Hess Mini Truck

2008 Miniature Hess Recreation Van Collectible

2008 Hess Miniature Recreation Van:
The 2008 Hess Miniature Recreation Van is a replica of the 1998 holiday toy. It features real head & tail, running and interior lights, and a rear hatch that opens up to reveal a pull down ramp and a miniature dune buggy with knobby tires, roll bar, and a pull back friction motor!

Commercial Clip

Commercial Clip