2006 Hess Toy Truck and Helicopter

The 2006 HESS TOY TRUCK AND HELICOPTER features a large white and green tractor, a flatbed trailer that doubled as a landing pad, complete equipped with sequencing landing lights and a helicopter with a working rotor.


Feature 1

It's hard not to want to play with this fully-functioning battery powered helicopter with operating rotors and rear stabilizers!

Feature 2

31 individual working lights on the tractor trailer – the most ever!

Feature 3

Sequencing landing lights ensure that the helicopter makes a safe landing

Hess Mini Truck

2006 Miniature Hess 18-Wheeler and Racer Collectible

2006 Miniature Hess 18 Wheeler & Racer:
The 2006 Miniature Hess 18 Wheeler & Racer is a finely detailed, scaled down replica of our 1992 Holiday Toy, the first Box Trailer with Racer in the Hess Toy Truck collection.

The truck features working head, tail and running lights with numerous backlit logo treatments. The rear door of the trailer opens up to reveal a pull down ramp and a sporty racer with pull back motor - all on a locking display case.

Commercial Clip

Commercial Clip