2005 Hess Emergency Truck with Rescue Vehicle

The 2005 HESS EMERGENCY TRUCK WITH RESCUE VEHICLE includes an emergency truck and a rugged off-road vehicle with a powerful friction motor.


Feature 1

Check out the real lights and emergency flashers.

Feature 2

3 separate sounds.

Feature 3

Small but rugged off-road vehicle has real lights and a fast, powerful friction motor.

Hess Mini Truck

2005 Miniature Hess Helicopter Collectible

2005 Miniature Helicopter:
The eighth in our series, the 2005 Miniature Helicopter is the first motorized miniature. It features working rotors and lights, including a searchlight that swivels 360 degrees. Also, for extra play versatility, wheels are embedded into the skids, allowing the helicopter to roll.

Commercial Clip

Commercial Clip