1998 Hess RV with Dune Buggy and Motorcycle

Remaining true to the Hess tradition of fun and quality is the HESS RECREATION VAN with dune buggy and motorcycle.


Feature 1

Open the van door to create a ramp for the motorcycle and dune buggy.

Feature 2

Adding to the excitement, the motorcycle, featured for the first time, can actually do “wheelies.”

Feature 3

Dune buggy details include a molded interior, chrome-like bumpers and a roll bar.

Hess Mini Truck

1998 Miniature Hess Tanker Truck Collectible

1998 Hess Miniature Tanker Truck:
The first in the Collectible Miniature Series. This small-scale, fully detailed version of the popular Holiday Toy Tanker Truck features working headlights and taillights and a detachable display base.

Commercial Clip

Commercial Clip