The Mini Returns in a Big Way

June 12, 2017

What better way to usher in summer than with the hottest toy on the market? We’re thrilled to bring back the Hess Mini Toy Truck this year and it really is better than ever! The 2017 Mini Collection consists of three highly detailed, small-scale versions of popular holiday Hess Toy Trucks. We know we missed the last few years but we’re thrilled to bring back the Mini Collection with this special twist!

The 2005 Hess Emergency Truck, the 2006 Hess Toy Truck and Helicopter, and the 2007 Hess Monster Truck were selected to be a part of the Mini Collection, a great representation of the three core color schemes of historical holiday Toy Trucks.June 1

The Hess Mini Toy Truck has an amazing fan base that made it known they missed their minis. Hess heard and decided to return the Mini this year in an innovative way. With the way that purchasing the Hess Toy Truck has changed in recent years, Hess has been focused on successfully moving to online-only sales of the holiday toy. Since moving to online-only for the holiday toy has been successful, Hess decided to bring back the mini just before Father’s Day this year. The four-vehicle set is also out just in time for summer vacations and each mini size makes it an easy toy to bring on family vacations. This year marks the first year since 2014 that Hess has a toy available for Father’s Day and it’s also the first time a four-in-one miniature set has been available.

June 2

This year was particularly fun revealing the Mini Collection as we announced several clues on social media and in email in order to give fans a hint that something a “little” special was on the way. Only a few of you guessed correctly and we were bursting at the (Mini Collection box) seams to reveal it to you!

June 3

June 4

We’re thrilled that fans get to carry on the tradition of the Mini Collection and we love seeing you play with the toys:

Gregory Colichio Keeping traditions. First Hess Truck at 2 weeks old.

Gregory Colichio

Maria Julian I had a very happy little boy yesterday! Desmond introduced his new mini’s to his full size fleet. Thanks, Hess Toy Truck you keep my boy smiling!

Maria Julian

Cleo Bartron Adams Just ordered them for my grandson’s birthday in September. He’s going to love them! Thanks for making some of the trucks as a collection. And the smaller size will be great as he loves to take his trucks with him wherever he goes!

Anthony Fario‎ I can’t wait to pass my Hess truck collection on to my son who was just recently born in January. To me, it was an important part of my childhood and something both my mother and father took part in. Every year I looked forward to the new truck. Birthdays and Christmas were always exciting, especially when my parents tried to make me think there were no new trucks. It didn’t matter how it was wrapped, I always knew which gift was a Hess truck. I can’t lie even as an adult I still to this day look for this special gift from my parents. I hope he enjoys it as much as I have. I hope the trucks and tradition continues for another 37 years.

Renée Martinez‎ My 2 year old is loving the mini hess collection! We waited all day for the mail carrier to bring them.

Renee Martinez

Bille Jo Hunter My daughter and son.

Billie Jo

Michael Grego My son getting his trucks today. It was a surprise.

Michael Grego

Antoinette Auffarth Clark My husband and I have been together for 29 years and I have bought him one every year. Definitely getting these.

David Butkus I ordered one in honor of my Pops; he was a huge fan of the Hess trucks. Thank you for allowing me to continue his tradition.

Tammy Akam He is so excited to have his new Hess mini trucks!

Tammy Akam

Jeff Voletto Just ordered for my Daughter. Gets one every year for Christmas and now getting these for just being a wonderful young lady. She loves getting them… 12 years and still enjoys them all!

Jose Perez‎ #hessmini #hesstoytruck #2017MiniCollection #HessToyTruck

Jose Perez

Joanne DiCarlo Yes!! Got mine!! So excited. My Mom bought my son the Hess trucks for Christmas, now I’m doing the same for my grandson (his son)!!!

Kathy Somers I know my sons & grandsons are going to love this mini collection. I can use these as part of their birthday gifts and then the larger trucks as a Christmas gift. So nice to have this done in advance! Thanks Hess for making my shopping so easy!

Mary Ann McAdoo HURRAY!! I got our new Hess Mini Toy Trucks Collection!! Can’t wait until our son SEES these!! Great job Hess people!!

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