The Hess Mobile Museum Tour Wraps Up

December 19, 2014

Though it’s December and the holiday season is already underway, Mark and Jamie were able to enjoy some sunshine in Florida as the 7-week Hess Mobile Museum Tour came to a close. 1219-DSC_0030The warmth and excitement of Hess Toy Truck fans never stopped at the last tour location at The Falls Mall in Miami. “The Hess Mobile Museum is spectacular and what a gorgeous day for it!” said one fan. “We gave our kids the choice today: beach or the Hess Mobile Museum…you know what they chose! They loved it and they love the trucks and play with their collections under the tree every Christmas!”

As always, Hess Toy Truck fans spanning generations came out to see the Museum’s collection and tell Mark and Jamie memories of past holidays, beloved family members, and more.

1219-DSC_0006Mark and Jamie, too, have special memories to share as tour managers. Since Day One in Rochester, Mark and Jamie have heard the stories of hundreds of Museum visitors and have been overjoyed in meeting all of the enthusiastic Hess Toy Truck fans.

“If being a Hess Toy Truck collector was a club, we are members, and we want to run for its presidents!” says Mark. “There should be a picture of the Hess Toy Truck in the dictionary when someone looks up the definition of ‘tradition’.”


Jamie agrees, “As someone who grew up with the trucks, this experience has been really special for me. Not only does the Hess Toy Truck hold great memories for me, but I have been blown away by the enthusiasm, excitement, and unbridled joy of our fans and collectors at every stop.”

As for favorite memories as tour managers? Mark and Jamie have those too.

Mark’s favorite memory was meeting an avid Hess Toy Truck collector at the Slingerlands, NY stop. This collector arrived at the Mobile Museum on his motorcycle, and brought along his Collector’s Edition Hess Toy Truck for the visit – a photoshoot ensued! Mark says, “He was such a passionate collector, sharing the story of how his dad gave him his first truck (the 1964 Hess Toy Truck) and talking about why his dad was his best friend. It was very touching.”


Jamie’s favorite memory was at the AACA Museum stop in Hershey, PA, where he met another fan whose visit to the Mobile Museum sparked family memories. As Jamie and the fan discussed their love for Hess Toy Trucks and traded memories, the fan’s eyes began to fill with tears while remembering his late father. “This fan was so grateful to see the collection, relive his time with his dad and remember the passion they shared for Hess Toy Trucks. It was amazing to share that moment and see how much Hess Toy Trucks meant to him,” says Jamie.

We wish all of our fans a very happy holiday season, and hope our fans enjoy their Hess Toy Truck collections and memories this year. We sincerely enjoyed sharing the Mobile Museum with you, and we hope you will continue to follow us in future years. Follow Hess Toy Truck on Facebook to get the latest Toy Truck news:

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