Thanksgiving Weekend Crowds Enjoy the Mobile Museum

December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend is a time for family, shopping and the Hess Toy Truck Mobile Museum! Fans flocked to the tour as they visited a couple of their favorite Pennsylvania haunts this weekend. 


Friday at King of Prussia mall, a gentleman and his daughter were passing by the museum and the father’s eyes lit up when he saw it! He slowly started walking into the museum and left his daughter to keep walking while in mid-conversation with her. He was already inside and enjoying the museum, completely taken back by the collection.

Another fan, who had just finished shopping in the mall, said, ”I scored some great deals in the mall but this is even better! I won a mini for my grandson!”

The next day, the Mobile Museum stopped at Chickie’s & Pete’s in Philadelphia. The theme of the day was sharing Hess Toy Truck memories with family and friends.

“We drove from Boston yesterday to see family and bring them here to show them the trucks!” one fan said. And another fan: “Our neighbor has never even heard of the trucks so we had to bring them here today for lunch and to show them what they have been missing all the years!”

A man who had worked for Hess for 24 years and had never seen the full collection teared up when he showed the collection to his son and grandson.

“My son just got back from war and he thinks he came to the mall to shop for his mom,” one fan told tour guides Mark and Jamie, “but the real surprise is when he comes out and sees me standing here in front of the museum and talking to you guys! He grew up with the trucks since he was born and he has no idea about the museum! Told him to meet me out here and I’m going to give him this Collector’s Edition I’ve saved for him!”

The Mobile Museum stopped at the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA, Sunday before heading south for the last few weeks of the tour. To follow the Mobile Museum along the route, check it out on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #HessMobileMuseum.

The next few Mobile Museum stops are as follows:

  • Dec. 3, Garner, NC
  • Dec. 4, Rowan, NC
  • Dec. 6, Hardeeville, SC
  • Dec. 7, Kingsland, GA

For more details on the schedule, please visit