Mobile Museum Rocks MetLife Stadium

November 12, 2014

The Hess Mobile Museum visited a Jets game this past weekend, greeting fans and collectors at MetLife Stadium. Tour managers Mark and Jamie welcomed fans along with former Jets wide receiver Wesley Walker and two Jets Flight Crew cheerleaders. They were signing autographs, talking with fans and joining the green screen photo opp.

The Hess Mobile Museum at the MetLife Stadium

While onsite, a longtime Hess Toy Truck collector explained how he started his collection. “I went to a fundraiser for the Jets many, many years ago and I actually sat next to Leon Hess himself! He was such a standout guy and ever since I have been collecting the trucks!”

The Mobile Museum was a hit across the board. “We drove 1.5 hours today just to see the truck” a couple told Mark and Jamie. “Don’t tell anyone we don’t like football though!”

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A young fan, “a Mayor in training”, also caught the attention of the Hess tour managers. While small in stature he was a huge Hess Truck fan. When asked what his age was he replied, “10 going on 40.” He offered $30.00 to buy a 2014 50th anniversary truck and he said, “You can keep the change.” While Mark and Jamie escorted the enthusiastic fan through the museum, his father purchased a 2014 50th anniversary at the onsite kiosk.

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Next up was Chicopee and Ware, MA. A grandfather stopped by with his grandson; he let him skip school to visit the museum. The young fan showed up in a vintage Hess trucker hat and a photo album showcasing photos of actual Hess trucks over the years including the 1964 oil tanker. Fans and collectors all looked at the album reminiscing which trucks they remembered from their childhood.

A firefighter brought his two young sons to see the mobile museum and recalled how excited he was every November when his father would take him to get his Hess Toy Truck. He remembered his deployment to Iraq and the smile on his face upon learning about that year’s truck. He was able to see that same excitement on the faces of his two boys as they were walking though the mobile museum.

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Don’t miss these upcoming stops:

Friday, Nov 14: Hess Express in Oakhurst, NJ, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Saturday, Nov 15: Hess Express in North Brunswick, NJ, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Sunday, Nov 16: MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ, 8 am to 4 p.m.