May Mini Madness

May 16, 2016

We all know the Hess Toy Truck is a winter holiday tradition but did you know the Hess Toy Truck also has a springtime legacy? The Hess Miniature Toy Trucks.

Debuting on June 1, 1998, the Hess Miniature Tanker Truck was a detailed version of the 1990 holiday toy. For 16 years, the mini Hess truck series paid tribute to many of the Hess holiday toy trucks from the past.  For those who collect Hess Toy Trucks, this was a great way to get versions of the vintage Hess Toy Trucks that had long since sold out.

May 1

Most recently produced in 2014, the 17 models of mini Hess trucks are a major part of our “Hesstory”.   With many of the minis going on sale in time for Memorial Day each year, we felt May was the right time for us to pay tribute to this Mini Hess tradition.

The 1998 mini truck set the standard for all mini toy trucks that followed: Duplicate the design and quality of the original models, include lighting features and friction motors, showcase it on a detachable display stand in a clear paneled box, and sell it at an affordable price. Here are a few Toy Truck fan favorites:

May 2

Fan David Poole said this of the 2000 mini toy truck,This is just so cool. Everyone should own one, it’s a part of history.”

May 3

While the first years of the mini toy truck surprised fans with seemingly random releases, in 2008, Hess decided that each new mini truck would be based on the holiday toy that was celebrating its 10th anniversary. Therefore, the 2008 Hess Miniature truck was a mini version of the 1998 Hess Recreation Van, with real headlights, taillights, running and interior lights, complete with the even-more-miniature Dune Buggy that had a pull-back motor for some big speed.

May 4

Once the 2011 Hess Miniature Helicopter Transport was available, our Facebook fan Lara Manuele shared with us that she, “got (hers) at 10 am and the boys have not stopped playing with them since!” Lisa Marie shared that her, “22 year old son has had every mini since they started! Keep up the great work!”

May 5

Here’s what some of our fans said when the 2012 Hess Miniature Truck and Airplane was announced:

Terri Elliott I can’t wait to get one today!!!! I want to start collecting for each of my 4 Grandchildren!!!

Mark Lopa I bought one for my son yesterday and he’s been playing with it almost constantly…he is right now! My daughter is playing with him with the mini space shuttle and truck from 2009. It’s amazing how much enjoyment he gets out of Hess trucks. Hess trucks are truly the most awesome toys ever made!

Napua Warnet Woo hoo! Can’t wait to add the 2012 mini to my sons collection! He has the full size version of it too!

While the mini toy truck has not been produced in the past few years, we know the tradition of playing with them lives on. What’s your favorite Hess mini truck? We love reading your stories and seeing your pictures about how the Hess Toy Truck and mini trucks have been a part of your family over the years. Tag @hesstoytruck as your story might be the next one to be featured on our monthly blog!

Next month we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day by highlighting stories of father’s bonding with their children over the beloved Hess Toy Trucks. Be sure to continue to share your reactions, favorite Hess Toy Truck memories, Hess history and more on our FacebookTwitter, or Instagram pages.  And don’t forget you can connect and chat with other fans at our website