Anticipation for Mobile Museum Continues to Build in the Carolinas

December 8, 2014

Following the stop in Garner, NC, the Mobile Museum continued its way through the Carolinas last week, moving from Raleigh to Rowan, NC on Thursday and Hardeeville, SC  on Saturday. Families of longtime collectors and their children drove from afar to enjoy the Mobile Museum and relish in their Hess traditions. 

In Rowan, parents were excited to bring their children to see the full collection of Hess trucks. A mother and father who have been collecting Hess trucks since they were young took their kids out of school and drove two hours to the stop. “Thanks so much for being here, so happy my youngest son was able to see it today!”

1208-DSC_0287Another couple were enthused about their children enjoying the various activities in the kids’ zone. “My kids want to spend all day here and try to beat the score records of all of the games on your ipads!”


One of the most endearing stories Mark and Jamie heard that day came from a family who had a tradition of aligning the bottom of their Christmas trees with the trucks. The patriarch of the family passed away earlier this year and in his will wanted his family to draw names from a hat repeatedly until his full collection of trucks in their original boxes was divided amongst the whole family.

In Hardeeville, a man with an original 1964 tanker truck couldn’t wait to show it off to all of the kids, collectors, and visitors. He has an entire collection and mentioned his only regret was that he didn’t have a mobile museum of his own to park next to ours!

1208-DSC_0281Other avid fans were happy that the wait was finally over. “We have been waiting for this to get here for weeks! It’s all my grandmother has been able to talk about! My deceased grandfather got her hooked after he passed and she has been trying to complete his collection ever since – be careful, she’s crafty and might try to rob the RV!”

“We drove 2.5 hours to be here and to show the two grandkids just how amazing the trucks are that we grew up playing with!”

1208-DSC_0259The Mobile Museum headed to Georgia yesterday and will be trucking along to Florida for the final week of the tour. 

See the upcoming stops below and be sure to stay tuned to the blog to see the fun!

•Wednesday, Dec. 10, Hess Express in Tampa, FL, 11:00am to 7:00pm

•Friday, Dec. 12, Hess Express in Orlando, FL, 11:00am to 7pm

•Tuesday, Dec. 16, The Falls Mall in Miami, FL, 10:00am to 6:00 pm

For more details on the schedule, please visit