And the 2016 Hess Toy Truck is…

April 19, 2016

Just kidding, this is our belated April Fools blog! This year’s toy truck is still a secret! Although the Hess Toy Truck design changes almost every year, keeping each year’s new truck a surprise until the holiday season has remained a constant. Whether it was revealed through signs put up at Hess gas stations, having social media fans unlock pieces of a picture of the toy on Facebook, or announcing the toy on NBC’s “TODAY” national morning show, maintaining that buildup to the surprise of the design will always be a special element to the Hess Toy Truck. This month, take a drive with us as we look back at the history of the reveal itself. And if you’re wondering about the design of this year’s truck, well, that’s top secret…for now!

For years, the new Hess Toy Truck was revealed at each Hess gas station with large signs in November showing the unique design of each year’s truck. In the early days, each pump at the nearest Hess station would have its own metal “pump topper” sign to advertise the latest holiday toy.

April 1

April 2

The way the toy truck was revealed began to change as Hess expanded along with the digital marketing era. What was once only an in-store experience – complemented by television and print ads starting in the 1980s – turned into an in-store and online experience in 2012. That was the first year that the Hess Toy Truck was also made available for sale online, making sure fans across the country could get their hands on the beloved toy. To celebrate, Hess decided to bring the tradition to the Facebook page and have fans around the country work together to reveal the truck early. Starting in mid-October of that year, fans, through a variety of linked social actions, were able to use hints and image pieces to slowly reveal the new model. Social media fans successfully revealed the 2012 Hess Helicopter and Rescue 24 hours before it officially launched Nov. 1!

April 3

The Hess Toy Truck reveal has continued to evolve. The last couple of years, millions of viewers tuned into NBC’s “TODAY” national morning show to see co-hosts Kathie Lee and Hoda reveal the new toy truck. Last year, viewers got to see the 2015 Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue as well as the Silver Edition 2015 Hess Toy Truck, a surprise that only 100 lucky fans got when they opened their toy truck box.

April 4

And what’s happening this year, you ask? It wouldn’t be the Hess Toy Truck tradition you know and love if we said anything this early. Be sure to sign up for the alerts at so you can be among the first to know when we do announce the newest member in our holiday toy collection.

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