My First Hess Truck

My First Hess Truck:  Safe for All Ages with Soft and Durable Fabric, Sing-Along Songs, Silent and Night Light Modes, Squeeze-Activated Lights, Hess 2020 Commemorative Year
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My First Hess Truck: 2020 Fire Truck is a squeeze-activated cuddly plush toy truck. Crafted with love for durability and collectability. Safe for all ages!

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The perfect start to any Hess Toy Truck Collection is here!  Introducing My First Hess Truck – a soft and cuddly plush toy truck created with our younger fans in mind.  It’s more than a truck - it’s a playtime pal and a comforting face at night.  It’s a collectable connection to the past and a gift they’ll handle with love and never want to be without!

In classic fire-engine red, My First Hess Truck – 2020 Fire Truck is designed with soft, durable, multi-textured fabric that highlights fire equipment detail, and is stuffed with softness to make it the perfect snuggle buddy.  A pair of warm, friendly eyes and smiling grill reveal the playful personality of this new and lovable character.

A tap or squeeze of the “nose” activates two delightful sing-along songs; “The Wheels on the Truck” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, that both feature cheerful truck sounds and flashing LED lights.  The ladder, side exhaust pipes and tires are easy to grasp by little hands, making toting around their new best friend a cinch.  And when it’s time to rest those sleepy eyes, a squeeze of the roof lights activates all the truck lights for an auto shut-off 15-minute night light

Crafted with love by the expert team that brought you over 55 years of the best-selling and highest quality toy trucks, this newest addition to the Hess Toy Truck tradition is made in highly limited quantities!  My First Hess Truck – 2020 Fire Truck is sold exclusively here at for $29.99 plus tax.  Energizer® batteries and free standard shipping are included.


  • Safety approved for ALL AGES including
    • baby-safe packaging
    • child-safe padded internal battery enclosure
  • Soft and durable outer fabric
  • Squeeze activated lights and sounds:
    • 2 Sing-along songs: Wheels on the Truck & If You’re Happy and You Know It
    • Eleven (11) LED lights that work in flashing or steady modes
    • Night light - steady light mode with 15 minute auto shutoff timer
    • Mute feature keeps things silent for rest time
  • Easy-grab ladder
  • 2020 commemorative year license plate
  • Personalizeable keepsake detachable gift tag
  • 3 Energizer® ‘AAA’ batteries included, pre-installed and activated- REMOVE for storage
  • Overall size:  11.75” long x 5.75” wide x 5.5” high



Q: What ages is this approved for?
A:  Hess has carefully crafted My First Hess Truck to be safe for all ages

Q: How can I trust this is safe?
A:  For over 55 years Hess has made the best-selling toy truck.  Safety is our #1 priority. While the historical toys have been rated for ages 3+, My First Hess Truck has gone through all required testing to ensure it’s safe for kids of all ages. Even so, please follow pediatric guidelines to avoid placing plush items in the crib of young children.

Q: What material is this made from?
A:  This is made with all new materials and contains Polyester Fiber and Plastic Stiffener.

Q: How do I clean My First Hess Truck?
A:  The short-napped plush fabric is easy to surface wipe by hand with a moist towel.

Q: Why wasn't there a battery protecting tab inserted in my toy?
My First Hess Truck has been created, assembled, and packaged with the utmost care, quality, and cleanliness.  It is baby/child safe and ready to use right out of the box.  We have intentionally omitted using plastic bagging in the packaging and have not used a battery activation pull-tab as both can be hazards for our littlest fans.

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Customer Reviews

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  • Review by Joel F Weisbrod / Posted Jul 9th 2020

    Great Toy for Kids

    This is an awesome toy/ Lights and music are just what toddlers need to entertain themselves.

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  • Review by Robert Breiner / Posted Jul 8th 2020

    This is not my 1st. Hess truck, I have been ordering them for many years.

    They are a good quality product at a fair price. Keep them coming.

    Filled rating star 1 Filled rating star 2 Filled rating star 3 Filled rating star 4 Filled rating star 5 5
  • Review by Tracy Cannan / Posted Jul 8th 2020

    My 1st Hess

    I bought this for my grandson who’s older brother has many Hess trucks and he loves them so much that he doesn’t want his baby brother to play with them and they really are not appropriate for a 9 month old. He loves it and takes it everywhere now. I’m so glad it came out this year and you have another Hess Truck fan.

    Filled rating star 1 Filled rating star 2 Filled rating star 3 Filled rating star 4 Filled rating star 5 5