2001 Hess Helicopter with Motorcycle and Cruiser

The HESS HELICOPTER WITH MOTORCYCLE AND CRUISER is considered a very popular model.


Feature 1

Action-packed - the helicopter has two spinning rotors and a pivoting search light.

Feature 2

Press the exterior button and the side and rear compartment doors open to reveal pull out ramps for the action vehicles.

Feature 3

The lighted action motorcycle and land cruiser come with friction motors.

Hess Mini Truck

2001 Miniature Hess Racer Transport Collectible

2001 Miniature Hess Racer Transport:
The limited edition 2001 Miniature Hess Racer Transport, a replica of the 1991 Hess Toy Truck and Racer, features working head and taillights and a miniature race car.

Commercial Clip

Commercial Clip