Happy Father’s Day!

June 17, 2016

Picture this: Dad gives you a soft nudge to wake you up early on Thanksgiving Day. While half in a dozing daze, you follow dad to the car and head over to your local Hess to stand in line. The weather is cold, but dad has a thermos of hot chocolate to keep you warm. Waiting in line, sipping hot chocolate – it’s all part of the special bonding time you get with dad every year in the moments before the Hess Toy Truck goes on sale. Those moments are the Hess Toy Truck history. That’s the history of many of our fans – either as the dad or the boy in this scene who may very well be a dad by now.

This month’s post is dedicated to all of the fathers and grandfathers who have invested time, energy and love into making Hess Toy Trucks a part of their family’s tradition. Families have been creating and sharing this Hess Toy Truck bond for more than 50 years. That special bond between grandfathers, fathers and sons is what makes the tradition of giving the Hess Toy Truck so special. Here are some of our favorite recent fatherly stories from our fans:

Darren L. Lumpkin When I was just a kid my dad would buy me and my brother a Hess truck for Christmas and I had the orig. 1964 B MODEL MACK TANKER. We lost my dad in 2000 and my first grandson was born in 2003 and I have bought him a truck ever since he was born to keep the tradition alive.

Kayla Hudah posted this picture of her husband passing down the Hess Toy Trucks tradition to her son:

June 1

Angel Muniz Always sweet memories when my dad would take us to the only Hess (gas) station in Manhattan’s west side to get the HESS trucks! Wow how my eyes would light up brighter than the trucks!!!

Rick Vargo I have a grandson being born in a couple months and it will be his first truck! Please don’t stop the trucks. I got your trucks, my sons got your trucks, and hopefully my grandson will. Thanks Hess!

Judie Brown Wilkinson (My dad) ALWAYS took us to get the Hess Trucks the very week they came out…Thanksgiving week, usually!! Don’t know who was more excited or had more fun… him or us!!!

Rob Sturzione I got my first truck in 1975. I have EVERY TRUCK. I have passed my collection down to my son. I am hoping to help him keep building the collection (in case he has a son or daughter).

Here’s Thomas Brennan giving his son his first Hess Truck in 1983!

June 2

Gerrianne Witte Williams My dad’s favorite collection! As an adult, I took over buying them every year for his Christmas gift.

Mike Roberto One of a very few good memories of my dad, before he got sick, was going to a Hess (gas) station with him.

Morgen Dempster Thank you for continuing the toys each holiday so that I can relive and share this tradition with my son.

To all the grandfathers and fathers out there who have started and continued to pass down the Hess Toy Truck tradition to the next generation, we thank you this Father’s Day! We hope you enjoy today spending time with your loved ones and of course your beloved Hess Toy Truck collection.

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