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2012 Hess Helicopter and Rescue

The 2012 HESS HELICOPTER features motorized main and tail propellers and three authentic sounds, and includes an SUV style resource vehicle.


Feature 1

This model has motorized main and tail rotors plus a set of jet propulsion turbo engines.

Feature 2

Retractable landing gear.

Feature 3

Rescue vehicle, a 6-door SUV style truck featuring a friction motor, real working lights, retractable emergency roof lights, and chrome detailing.

Hess Mini Truck

2012 Hess Miniature Toy Truck and Airplane:
The 2012 Hess Miniature Toy Truck and Airplane, the 15th in our miniature series, is a scaled down version of the 2002 holiday Toy. The 18 Wheeler tractor trailer has working lights and a flatbed that doubles as a landing pad for a mini biplane with working rotors - - all on our attractive display base.

Commercial Clip

Commercial Clip