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2010 Hess Toy Truck and Jet Plane

The 2010 HESS TOY TRUCK AND JET PLANE marks the first time a jet plane has joined the fleet, and offers the most sounds ever on a Hess toy.


Feature 1

The flatbed trailer doubles as a landing / launch pad complete with runway lights.

Feature 2

A dual purpose push button starts the runway lights in sequence and activates a double piston hydraulic lift to set for launch position.

Feature 3

A second button activates all truck and trailer lights to steady or flashing mode.

Hess Mini Truck

2010 Hess Miniature Fire Truck:
The 2010 Hess Miniature Fire Truck is a scaled-down replica of the full size 2000 Hess Fire Truck, the first tractor drawn fire truck in the fleet. This finely detailed 14-wheel aerial ladder pumper tanker truck features working head, tail, and emergency lights, bumper-to-bumper chrome accents, side mounted ladders, top mounted reel hose and piping, and a heavy duty 3-tiered telescoping ladder with 360 rotation, all on an attractive, quick release display base.

Commercial Clip

Commercial Clip